Improve your
fuel efficiency.

Lower your
operating costs.

For Trucking Companies

Increasing costs and a tightening regulatory environment are squeezing your operating margins like never before. We can help.


For Trailer Leasing Companies

Whether you’re a small regional leasing operation, or a major national firm with 30,000 trailers, SmartTruck can help your business compete.


For Owner-Operators

Owner-operators are increasingly choosing SmartTruck over other trailer aerodynamic systems to keep more money in their pockets.


For Trailer Vendors & OEMs

SmartTruck can help you provide your customers increased value on their four major trailer purchasing decision-drivers.



Born in Aero

The idea behind SmartTruck began in the minds of a group of engineers who had previously focused their careers on the aerodynamic performance of commercial aircraft, commercial ground vehicles, motorsports and ballistics. Learn more...

Proven Performance

All SmartTruck products undergo the industry’s most extensive performance testing and validation protocol. Each SmartTruck UnderTray System and our TopKit Fairing System have been verified by U.S. EPA’s SmartWay Transport Partnership. Learn more…

The Environmental Choice

SmartTruck solutions combine the environmental benefits of markedly-enhanced fuel performance with fabrication materials selected for their durability and designed to last and perform for  a lifetime, not needing to be replaced every three or four years like other solutions ending up in a landfill. Learn more…

Limited Lifetime Warranty

As a testament to the durability and design quality of our products, all SmartTruck precision aerodynamic components now come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Learn more…
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  • SmartTruck Radio Ads Say Get TopKit!

    This week marks the start of a new TopKit radio advertising campaign SmartTruck is running on Sirius Radio.

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  • SmartTruck’s TopKit Featured in HDT’s Equipment Report

    HDT’s Equipment Report highlights the TopKit Aero System in this month’s Products Section, noting that it “improves fuel mileage without big components.”  HDT named the TopKit one of its Top […]

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  • AeroUpdate, May 2016 Edition

    Check out our most recent AeroUpdate, published and sent to our SmartTruck newsletter mailing list in May, 2016. View Newsletter HERE. In this edition, the spotlight is on SmartTruck’s TopKit

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