SmartTruck Precision Aerodynamics are changing the face of trucking across every aspect of the industry.


If you are a fleet owner, your operating costs probably seem like they can go only in one direction…up. Increasing costs of fuel, labor, and equipment and a tightening regulatory environment are squeezing your margins like never before. That’s why prudent, innovative fleet owners and operators are turning to SmartTruck.
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Whether you’re a small regional trailer leasing company, or a major national firm with 30,000 or more trailers, SmartTruck can help you to differentiate your business and deliver the value-added services your customers demand in today’s market. Most importantly, we can help your bottom line.
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As a trailer Manufacturer, you know that your customers are likely basing their decision to purchase your trailers on four primary attributes: Performance and Productivity, Durability, Low Maintenance and Long-term Value.

SmartTruck can help your company provide your customers increased value on all four decision drivers.
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Owner-operators and drivers are the backbone of our economy. Without them, we have nothing — literally!

You don’t have to be a major fleet owner or operator to benefit from SmartTruck. Our highly affordable solutions help individual owner-operators like you put more money in your pocket…and less in your fuel tank!
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