Dave Cote
Director of Product Engineering

Dave has participated in, supervised and directed the SmartTruck product design evolution since its infancy. He joined the SmartTruck team in 2010, as part of the company’s initial Mechanical Engineering group designing its precision aerodynamic products. He was named a Lead Mechanical Engineer, promoted to Technical Supervisor, and in 2014, elevated to Director of Product Engineering.

Previous to joining SmartTruck, Dave held positions in a range of engineering, production, and manufacturing companies with products including: conveyor and accumulation machines, automation and end-of-arm tooling solutions, structural integrity of aircraft components, as well as sheet metal enclosures for power distribution units and custom server workstations.

At SmartTruck, Dave’s accomplishments have included development and installation of engineering standards, best practices, CAD modeling systems and associated file management systems.  He also plays a leading role in building the initial customer technical relationships that have become part of the foundation of the SmartTruck business, involving major OEM manufacturers, dealers, and other customers.

Dave holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maine.