Steve Wulff
Sr. Vice President, Product Development

Steve has been an integral part of SmartTruck’s successful development of aerodynamic products for the trucking industry since the company’s founding. His ability to manage technical issues and provide the leadership necessary to develop new ideas into practical solutions has helped SmartTruck create new, exciting, award winning, and patented products.

At SmartTruck, Steve oversees research and development, process engineering, production integration and business development. His talent for bringing different facets of complex engineering programs together has been honed throughout his unique career.

Steve demonstrated leadership skills early in his career and was involved in his first business venture while still in his early 20’s. With his passion for motorsports and the desire to compete at the top level, Steve followed a career path that took him to the role of Crew Chief in the Indy 500. Steve stayed in motorsports for another 10 years and his company PDR became the springboard for a successful Champ Car (Indy Car) team.

Steve’s program management training at Cal Tech has supplemented his Applied Sciences degree.