Due to popular demand, SmartTruck is now offering the Advanced Aero System, a configuration that includes all of the fuel-saving features of the Classic Aero System, plus the added power of a rear diffuser. Previously known as the UT6 configuration, this new aero system addition will simplify the ordering process for dealers and direct customers who prefer this specific aero component combination.

SmartTruck Advanced Aero SystemThe SmartTruck Advanced Aero System is a superior choice for optimizing undertray aerodynamic drag reduction. Benefit from a 7% improvement in fuel mileage on a typical Class 8 truck during normal, long-haul highway operations.

SmartTruck’s patented, proprietary technology can improve your fuel performance by 7%, and the entire system can be installed by your SmartTruck dealer in just two hours. And you’ll have the option to add side fairings or other aero component upgrades for additional fuel savings any time in the future.

Available for both dry vans and reefers with swing doors or rollup doors, the SmartTruck Advanced comprehensive drag-reduction solution is EPA SmartWay Verified and C.A.R.B. Compliant.

Learn more about Advanced Aero System specifications here.