Vigorous Testing for Proven SmartTruck Performance.

Before releasing any product for sale, SmartTruck utilizes various types of advanced testing to determine the factual fuel savings of our products.

Coast Down Testing
Coast Down Testing is currently accepted in EPA’s Heavy Duty Vehicle Fuel Efficiency regulation. EPA points to coast down testing as the Reference Method for determining the aerodynamic performance of a vehicle. Coast down testing allows for the specific determination of a vehicle’s aerodynamic and mechanical (rolling resistance/friction drag) drag.

All SmartTruck products have been performance-validated through coast down testing at either Michelin’s Laurens Proving Grounds in Mountville, SC, or at the Kennedy Space Center at the Shuttle Landing Facility. This coast down testing is used to validate the results achieved in our predictive CFD modeling.

Michelin Laurens Proving Grounds

At high speeds, coast down testing helps evaluate the effectiveness of our aerodynamics. At low speeds, coast down testing reflects the amount of frictional rolling resistance and mechanical drag that is present. Testing at the Kennedy Space Center’s Shuttle Landing Facility, with its 15,000 ft. runway, has allowed us to perform unparalleled coast down testing from high speed to full coast stop with a fully weighted Class 8 vehicle.

SAE J1321 Testing
SAE J1321 Testing is currently accepted by EPA’s SmartWay program. Products listed on EPA’s Verified Technology List can be tested using SAE J1321, with additional testing parameters defined by EPA to ensure better control of testing variability.

While adhering strictly to the guidelines of the test, SmartTruck took a much more sophisticated and technological approach. SmartTruck instrumented each vehicle with state-of-the-art data acquisition systems. These systems had 60 available channels to monitor and record a wide variety of vehicle systems and effects, including: split and lap times, air speed and wind direction, vehicle speed and distance traveled, fuel tank temperature, ECU/ECM Data and Driver Interactions.

All SmartTruck SAE J1321 testing has been completed under the management of KTM Solutions Inc., an engineering services firm that specializes in the automotive and aerospace industries. KTM ensures and attests that all elements of SmartTruck’s testing are done in full accordance with all required J1321 and EPA SmartWay protocols.

Computational Fluid Dynamics Testing
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Testing involves sophisticated computer simulations requiring substantial computing power to accurately assess the aerodynamic drag of a tractor trailer. SmartTruck worked directly with Oak Ridge National Labs, where high-power computation is achievable. This was first utilized through a grant from the DOE to develop a process for CFD computation on ground-based vehicles. This type of testing is well-defined and accepted in EPA’s Heavy Duty Vehicle Fuel Efficiency regulation.

Independent Third Party Performance Validation

SmartTruck has utilized the expertise of both CD-Adapco and University of Tennessee at Chattanooga SIMCENTER to verify the stated CFD performance of several of its products. In early 2015, SmartTruck’s TopKit Fairing System, a 2015 HDT Top 20 product, was our most recent offering that was performance-validated by the SIMCENTER.