No one knows whether emission regulations will continue to tighten, but they’re certainly not going away any time soon.  And with signs suggesting that C.A.R.B. enforcement is increasing in California, regulatory compliance becomes less and less optional, and more of a critical business requirement. This becomes particularly important as you plan and make new trailer investments. If you’re looking at aero devices because you need to be compliant, you need to be looking at SmartTruck.

The components of EVERY SmartTruck Aero Sytem are EPA SmartWay Verified and C.A.R.B. compliant.

Learn more about our product testing and third party performance verification HERE.

Six Important Compliance Device Considerations
There are many device and solution options available to fleets, trucking companies and owner-operators to become and stay compliant. So what are the considerations?

One: How much does the device cost and how many years will it last before it needs replacing?
SmartTruck Aero Systems are highly affordable and designed to last for the life of your trailer.

Two: How much of a fuel-savings will the device provide?
SmartTruck Aero Systems deliver between 5% and 10% greater gas efficiency, depending upon the configuration selected.

Three: Does it have moving parts that will wear out over time?
SmartTruck Aero Systems have no moving parts that could wear out over time through regular use.

Four: What warranty does it carry?
All SmartTruck components carry an Industry-leading Limited Lifetime Warranty for workmanship, durability, and performance.

Five: Does it require driver interaction?
Once installed, SmartTruck Aero Systems require NO driver interaction to function.

Six: Does it obstruct undertrailer access or visibility for inspection or maintenance?
Unlike side skirts, SmartTruck components don’t obstruct undertrailer visibility or access for inspection or maintenance.

And most important, every SmartTruck Aero System comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty that guarantees the performance and durability of the components for as long as you own them…even if you move it from one trailer to another.

NO OTHER AERO DEVICES COME WITH AS POWERFUL OR COMPREHENSIVE A WARRANTY. Our Limited Lifetime Warranty even protects your investment when a SmartTruck component is transferred from one of your trailers to another.