SmartTruck Durability

SmartTruck Aero Systems are designed to be the most durable aerodynamic fuel-saving devices in the trucking industry. SmartTruck Aero System durability means more than our products simply last longer than sideskirts or tails that need to be deployed to operate. Our superior durability means less cost over time and less trailer downtime, as well as higher resale value when you sell your trailer(s).

When you invest in SmartTruck, you’re making a prudent investment to last the life of your trailer.

SmartTruck Side Fairing Scrape Testing

SmartTruck Aero Rain Guard (ARG) Durability Test

Durable Design
SmartTruck uses advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics to produce the ground-breaking designs our aero systems. SmartTruck aero solutions have no moving parts that would wear out over time, and require no driver interaction, ever.

Low Maintenance
There is no regular maintenance of SmartTruck components required after installation. Our aero systems do not obstruct the view of or access to the undercarriage for pre-trip inspection or maintenance, nor do they block the airflow that helps to cool brakes and bogie components.

Durable Materials
We design and build our aerodynamic components to work free of defects and to be durable enough to stand up to normal highway conditions. The materials we use are selected precisely for their durability under challenging road and weather conditions, and ability to return to shape after accidental crush or compression.

Rotational molding is used on all the undercarriage products. They are made from Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) similar to other rotational molded products found in automotive and highway applications. This provides a strong UV-stable product that is capable of maintaining its structure and shape in a variety of road conditions, as well as having excellent impact resistance.

Thermoforming was chosen for the ARG and Side Fairings for its ability to maintain its molded shape under extreme conditions. Thermoformed TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) has the capacity to return to its molded shape after taking some load. This manufacturing process is common in bumpers and other plastic molded parts for highway use.

Industry-leading Limited Lifetime Warranty
We proudly stand behind every SmartTruck product we make, and demonstrate that pride through the durability and performance of our products – mile after highway mile.

The SmartTruck Limited Lifetime Warranty even protects your investment when a SmartTruck component is transferred from one of your trailers to another.

“We had a driver backed over a 5-foot embankment, completely crushing your unit. When the crane picked up the trailer, your unit popped back into shape with a few scratches and down the road we went. Going forward, we will spec all of our trailers with the SmartTruck System.”Tom Dahlberg, Owner, 101 Transport