SmartTruck for Fleet Owners and Trucking Companies

If you are a fleet owner or trucking company, your operating costs probably seem like they can go only in one direction…up. Increasing costs of fuel, labor, and equipment and a tightening regulatory environment are squeezing your margins like never before. That’s why prudent, innovative fleet owners and operators are turning to SmartTruck.

Our precision aero solutions can actually help to reduce your operating costs significantly.
Here’s how:

1. Fuel Performance
SmartTruck precision aero trailer solutions can improve fuel economy of your fleet by as much as 10% or more. We offer multiple solutions to meet your specific requirements, as well as offering aero upgrade components to increase your savings even more!

2. Low Maintenance and Easy Undercarriage Access
SmartTruck components require no regular maintenance after installation. There is no visual or physical obstruction under the trailer for inspection or maintenance.

Components do not need to be removed to service brakes or bogie components, saving you time and money.

3. No moving parts, no driver interaction or training required
Our components are built to last a lifetime and have no moving parts. There’s no physical deployment or retraction or components required for operation and no risk of rear damage to dock doors.

4. EPA SmartWay Verified and C.A.R.B. compliant
Both SmartTruck’s Basic and Premier Aero Solutions are verified by EPA’s SmartWay Program and therefore accepted by C.A.R.B. for their requirements in California.

5. Durability
Our aerodynamic components are designed to work free of defects and durable enough to stand up to normal highway conditions year-round, including southern summer heat, northern winter cold and snow, and the winds of the open road.

Our undercarriage components are made from Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) similar to other rotational molded products found in automotive and highway applications. This provides a strong UV stable product that is capable of maintaining its structure and shape in a variety of road conditions as well as having excellent impact resistance.

Thermoforming was chosen for the ARG and Side Fairings for its ability to maintain its molded shape under extreme conditions. Thermoformed TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) has the capacity to return to its molded shape after taking some load. This manufacturing process is common in bumpers and other plastic molded parts for highway use.

6. Built (and Warrantied!) to Last a Lifetime
We proudly stand behind every SmartTruck product we make, and demonstrate that pride through the durability and performance of our products – mile after highway mile. The SmartTruck Limited Lifetime Warranty even protects your investment when a SmartTruck component is transferred from one of your trailers to another.

7. Brand Consistency
SmartTruck aero components are sleek, cutting edge designs that enhance your on-road brand. Primary aero components are available in a wide range of stock colors and essentially any custom color your fleet may require.

As a fleet owner, you have more and more choices when considering efficiency solutions for your trailers. As you decide which is best for your business, be sure to consider the superior benefits of precision aerodynamic solutions from SmartTruck.

Precision aerodynamics are changing the world, and will change the future of trucking.