SmartTruck for leasing companies

SmartTruck for Trailer Leasing Companies

Whether you’re a small regional trailer leasing company, or a major national firm with 30,000 or more trailers, SmartTruck can help you to differentiate your business and deliver the value-added services your customers demand in today’s market.

Most importantly, SmartTruck’s Precision Aerodynamics Solutions can help your bottom line.

In the current competitive market, your leasing company is probably forced to offer a lease-pricing model similar to your competitors.

You’re likely buying your equipment from the same handful of trailer OEMs as your competitors, and hopefully, getting a competitive price.

And many in the business are offering such upgrades as GPS tracking, forcing you to consider expensive options to compete.

So how do you stand out from the crowd, win more business, and squeeze out more margin?

Here's how:

Stand Out From The Crowd
SmartTruck can make a big economic difference to your customers. With fuel savings of as much as 10% and more, SmartTruck precision aero systems are helping to significantly lower operating costs for fleet operators.

Why offer the limited fuel economy improvement of side skirts when you can nearly double it with SmartTruck’s aero systems?

Durable, Affordable, Smart Investment
An investment in SmartTruck is good for a lifetime. Our Limited Lifetime Warranty gives you confidence that our aerodynamic components will work free of defects and are durable enough to stand up to normal highway conditions. And our warranty stays in place as long as you own the component, regardless of how many trailers you have had it installed on, or how many highway miles it has traveled.

Make today the last time you have to purchase and replace a worn-out or damaged skirt.

Low Maintenance and Easy Access
SmartTruck components require no regular maintenance after installation. There is no visual or physical obstruction under the trailer for inspection or maintenance. Components do not need to be removed to service brakes or bogie components, saving you and your customers time and money. Whether you have maintenance agreements with your customers, or they perform their own maintenance, you’ll both benefit from durable, carefree SmartTruck components.

EPA SmartWay Verified and C.A.R.B. Compliant
Both SmartTruck’s Basic and Premier Aero Solutions are EPA SmartWay Verified and C.A.R.B. compliant.

As the regulatory environment regarding emissions standards tightens even further, this will become increasingly important to your customers – even those who don’t currently travel into or throughout California.

There’s just greater value for your customers when SmartTruck is on board.