SmartTruck for Trailer Manufacturers

As a trailer manufacturer, you know that your customers are likely basing their decision to purchase your trailers on four primary attributes: Performance and Productivity, Durability, Low Maintenance and Long-term Value.

Whether part of your fast-line stock trailer program, or as a slow-line custom order, SmartTruck provides your customers increased value on their four most important trailer purchase decision drivers.

Performance and Productivity
While aerodynamics is changing the face of trucking, most attention has been paid up until now on the aerodynamics of the cab, with widespread adoption of devices such as roof air fairings. But as you probably know, the bigger challenge in trucking is to move the trailer, a rectangular box with minimal aerodynamic shaping, more efficiently down the highway without greatly increasing the trailer’s cost, weight, or maintenance requirements.

SmartTruck precision aero components can make a big economic difference to your business and your customers. With fuel savings as much as 10% and more, SmartTruck precision aero systems are helping to significantly lower operating costs for fleet operators. All three SmartTruck Aero Solutions – Classic, Premier and TopKit – are EPA SmartWay Verified and C.A.R.B. compliant.

Trailer performance improvement this significant can
be a game changer for both
trailer manufacturers and fleet operators.

Our components are built to last a lifetime and have no moving parts. There’s no physical deployment or retraction of components required for operation and no risk of increased rear damage at loading docks.

Our undercarriage components are made from Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) similar to other rotational molded products found in automotive and highway applications. This provides a strong UV stable product that is capable of maintaining its structure and shape in a variety of road conditions as well as having excellent impact residence.

Thermoforming was chosen for SmartTruck’s remarkable Aero Rain Guard (ARG) and Side Fairings for its ability to maintain its molded shape under extreme conditions. Thermoformed TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) has the capacity to return to its molded shape after taking some load. This manufacturing process is common in bumpers and other plastic molded parts for highway use.

Low Maintenance
SmartTruck components require no regular maintenance after installation. There is no visual or physical obstruction to the undercarriage for pre-trip inspection or maintenance. Components do not need to be removed to service brakes or boogie components, saving your customers time and money.

Longterm Value

SmartTruck aero components are designed to work free of defects and are durable enough to stand up to normal highway conditions and our backed by our remarkable Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Our warranty stays in place as long the registered purchaser of your trailer(s) owns the component, regardless of how many trailers they have had it installed on over time, or how many highway miles it has traveled.