SmartTruck LeadEdge Top Fairing

SmartTruck LeadEdge Top Fairing

Manage the drag created in “the gap” for better fuel economy.

SmartTruck’s new LeadEdge Top Fairing is designed to help reduce the aerodynamic drag created by the gap between your cab and trailer, as well as between tandem trailers. SmartTruck LeadEdge Top Fairing

Our LeadEdge is one of the first computer-modeled aerodynamic fairings designed specifically to deal with this problem area, and works by actually creating lift to reduce drag.

Tandem trailer operators, in particular, have a unique aerodynamic challenge and need be careful that trailer fuel-efficiency solutions do not cause obstruction or interference with pup operation. Our LeadEdge was designed with that in mind.

The LeadEdge is currently available in steeltone, black, white, red and blue.

LeadEdge Top Fairing Users Include…
SmartTruck Lead Edge Users

Manage "The Gap"

Simply managing this drag with our LeadEdge can add 2% to your fuel efficiency, either in combination with other SmartTruck aero systems or all by itself.

LeadEdge Top Fairing Specifications

LeadEdge Top Fairing

Recyclable TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin)   recycle-7

12 lbs.

Install Time:
< 30 mins

Limited Lifetime Warranty

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