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What Do You Get When You Apply Aerodynamics To The Transportation Industry?


Fuel Efficiency and Compliance

Like any business, the trucking industry has both fixed and variable costs. The cost of fuel is one of those variable costs that can make or break your bottom line. The staff at SmartTruck brings you the latest aerodynamic technology to help you improve your fuel efficiency as well as maintain compliance. Imagine saving nearly 10% on your fuel costs. The only question left to ask is, “What are you waiting for?” Contact us today and let’s get your trucks flying

Premier Aero System

5-8% Savings

Our Premier aero system is a powerful way to improve your fuel consumption and lower operating costs. Click below to read more about this aerodynamic system.

Premier LE Aero System

7-10% Savings

Our most powerful and advanced aerodynamic system delivers up to 10% improvement in fuel economy. Click below to read more about this aero system.

TopKit Aero System

4-6% Savings

Our TopKit Aero System is the smart way to improve fuel efficiency and compliance. Click here to learn more about this alternative to side skirts.

Classic Aero System

2-6% Savings

For regulatory compliance as well as excellent savings in fuel consumption, consider the Classic Aero System. Click below to read more about this aero system.

LeadEdge Top Fairing

1-3% Savings

Manage “the gap” between cab and trailer or between tandem trailers for improved fuel efficiency. This technology works efficiently by itself or in conjunction with other Aero Systems. Click here to learn more about this aerodynamic system.

What Our Clients Are Saying

SmartTruck values my opinion and I appreciate that. Being fuel efficient is more important than ever. If you’re not running efficient now, you won’t be able to survive when fuel prices go back up Daniel (and Phyllis) Snow

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