A recent Tech Toolbox article in CCJ entitled, “How technology helps fleets earn more mpgs for their bucks” features SmartTruck’s TopKit and the aero system’s advantages over other aero solutions that require deployment or driver interaction.

An excerpt…

“To take the driver’s mindfulness out of the equation and eliminate the risk of smacking a dock with extended tails, U.S. Xpress (CCJ Top 250, No. 16) recently began spec’ing SmartTruck’s TopKit on all its trailers.

TopKit offers a similar aerodynamic benefit to trailer tails by reducing the drag of the low-pressure wake that forms just behind the trailer and creates back-pressure on the vehicle. However, the TopKit system doesn’t have to be opened and closed by the driver.

“Drivers have no interaction with it whatsoever,” says Gerry Mead, formerly senior vice president of maintenance for Chattanooga, Tenn.-based U.S. Xpress. “That way, the driver’s job is easier, friendlier, and they can focus on the job at hand, which is driving safely down the road and delivering the freight.”

There’s also the added benefit of style. “It really looks good when you look at it on the trucks,” Mead says. “It’s red, and it matches the U.S. Xpress red trucks that are out there.”