The Winter 2017 Edition of Western Canada Highway News features an article by SmartTruck entitled “Don’t Sacrifice Your Branding and Classic Trailer Look for Aerodynamics.”

An excerpt:

When trailer aerodynamics devices like side skirts were added to trailers more than a decade ago, Canadian fleets and owners were concerned about how these devices would affect the look of their beautifully-chromed reefer trailers, not only from an aesthetic perspective, but also their brand itself. These fears were not unfounded.

In the years since, not only have cabs become sleeker and more aerodynamic, but trailer aerodynamic fittings—skirts, fairings, and tails—have grown exponentially and have now pretty much become standard.  Unfortunately, the cookie cutter appearance of these fittings has diluted individual fleet and rig branding, as well as a loss of the beloved classic truck trailer lines.

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