Oakridge National Laboratory Gives Award To SmartTruck

This month, Oakridge National Laboratory granted SmartTruck a prestigious award that provides for the use of the Oakridge Titan system which is a computer system used by aerospace engineers to increase computing speeds by up to 20 percent. The engineers at SmartTruck use this advanced simulation technology to measure the aerodynamics of their products along with full scale real world testing as part of their ongoing research and development of new products.

SmartTruck has had a relationship with OakRidge since 2009 when their engineers used their computing facility to design their products initially. Last year, OakRidge presented SmartTruck with a Director’s Discretionary award through the Accelerating Competitiveness through Computational Excellence program, or ACCEL, to allow their engineers to conduct the computational fluid dynamics or CFD simulations.

SmatrTruck uses the CFD simulations to demonstrate ways their products significantly improve the aerodynamic drag over the trailer. This measure is called the delta-drag area improvement and is a primary criterion used for the certification.

SmartTruck’s CEO, Steve Ingham commented that “The strength of our company has been our ability to attract some of the country’s top aerodynamic engineering talent.We believe we have the most extensive experience with computational modeling and simulation in the industry. Being able to utilize the computing power at Oakridge dramatically increases the speed of our research and the cycle time of our testing.”

SmartTruck engineers have also partnered with the National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA) to complete a recent project using NASA’s UN3D CFD code for the simulations. NASA assigned a software engineer from its Langley, Va., to assist SmartTruck throughout the testing procedures.

“Employing computational simulations using the OakRidge resources enabled us to reduce the time to complete the certification by 25 percent and lower the cost by 75 percent,” said Semir Kapetanovic, SmartTruck’s vice president of Aerodynamics and Engineering, who came to the company from General Electric where he spent nearly 20 years in aero-related engineering roles.

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