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Installation QuickStart Guides

Install Forward UnderTray/Integrated Sled
Install Diffuser
Install Side Fairing – Corrugated Side Walls
Install Side Fairing – Flat Side Walls
Install Aero Rain Guard
Install LeadEdge Top Fairing

Installation Videos (watch)

Forward UnderTray Video
Diffuser Video
Side Fairing Video
Aero Rain Guard Video
LeadEdge Top Fairing Video

These videos are intended to supplement the written installation instructions provided with the product. Before beginning the installation, always read the written instructions completely, and pay special attention to the safety information in those instructions, which may not be contained in the video. Ensure the trailer is in full compliance with D.O.T. and state regulations before it is put back on the road.

Aero Updates

Aero Updates are a continuing email series from our SmartTruck Engineering Team on the science behind SmartTruck’s aerodynamic products.

February 2017 – Aero Rain Guard Durability Testing
November 2016 – Durability Testing and Tools
September 2016 – Spotlight on the Premier Aero System
May 2016 – Spotlight on TopKit Aero System
April 2016 – Spotlight on Classic Aero System