Greenville, SC – June 20, 2017 – SmartTruck, the innovative leader in fuel-saving trailer aerodynamic solutions for the trucking industry, announced today that US Xpress, the largest privately held U.S. truckload carrier, will include SmartTruck’s fuel-saving TopKit Aero System on all its trailer builds in 2017.

“We selected SmartTruck’s TopKit for our new trailers because it was the most advanced trailer fuel efficiency solution for our compliance needs,” said Gerry Mead, US Xpress Sr. Vice President for Maintenance. “The addition of the TopKit to our trailers enables us to gain incremental fuel efficiency benefits over our existing side skirts. SmartTruck’s third-party performance validation, durability features, and their Limited Lifetime Warranty give us great confidence that we have the ideal solution for our needs.”

SmartTruck’s TopKit can perform as a standalone aerodynamic solution or be a powerful addition to an existing aero product to further enhance fuel.

“We’re honored and proud that US Xpress chose TopKit. There are innumerable aero solutions available in the marketplace, and US Xpress’s choice is a testament to TopKit’s advanced design, elegant simplicity and proven fuel-saving performance,” said Steve Ingham, SmartTruck CEO. “The adoption of TopKit – at 63 lbs., the lightest weight C.A.R.B compliant Aero System available — by the leading privately held trailer company in the U.S., is an extremely satisfying confirmation of its value to the industry,” added John Brown, SmartTruck Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

About US Xpress
US Xpress, based in Chattanooga, TN, was founded in 1986 by Max Fuller and Patrick Quinn with 48 trucks, and has grown to 7,000 tractors and 15,500 trailers, with over one billion dollars in annual revenue. The company is known as an industry leader in innovation, including its “thinking green” philosophy. US Xpress was twice awarded the Smartway Environmental Excellence Award for reducing pollution and greenhouse gases.

About SmartTruck’s TopKit
The SmartTruck TopKit Aero System, twice named an HDT Top 20 Product in 2015 and 2017, is an innovative approach to aerodynamically improving fuel mileage. With the SmartTruck TopKit, there is no risk of damage from loading docks or intermodal operations, and cost is comparable to side skirts. Available for both dry vans and reefers with swing or rollup doors, as well as straight trucks, the TopKit Aero System drag-reduction solution is EPA SmartWay Verified and C.A.R.B. compliant.